The original Nokia 3310 was launched 24 years ago and it instantly became a hit , and lived on to be a legend, for its durability and long battery life. It was also among the first devices in the world to have the antenna-less design in a compact form factor.

17 years later, the iconic Nokia 3310 was rebooted with some major upgrades and sporting 3G connectivity ( 4G in select markets). This marks the beginning of the reboots of Nokia classics, and it probably is the finest one yet.

Nokia 3310 3G

Unlike many of the recent reboots, the Nokia 3310 3G stays true to its heritage. It is both compact and durable. The 3310 3G now comes with gentle curves around the corners and even the edges of the screen. The keypads are well separated and has a slight elevation and gives you a satisfactory typing experience.

Just like its predecessor, the Nokia 3310 3G comes with a 3.5 mm headjack, and can now charge via a micro-USB charger.

The built in 64MB memory can be expanded, and it also has a 2MP camera with flash.

But, beyond all this. the 3310 is capable of doing something more than any of the recent feature phones could. And probably that is enough to sway buyers to give this device a second look.

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