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Belle FP2 update runs into issues with Nokia Music and VideoPro Apps delivery, pulled away from Nokia Servers.

My 808 PureView received the Belle FP2 update but I could not check the Nokia Music application yesterday because of my tight office schedule, though the changelog prepared by us says that Belle FP2 will deliver a slick Qt based Nokia Music Application. But, seems there is some issue in delivering the Nokia Music app. Post update, it is not getting launched on my 808 PureView. Similar kind of issues have appeared with “VideoPro” an application, Nokia has promised in its official changelog for 808 PureView and on checking I could not find a trace of it on my 808 as well.

Now, it seems many have faced similar issues with these two apps delivery with Belle FP2 installation. Nokia has acted promptly and removed the update files from Server and has given the following message to users.

Hi all,

just a quick heads up. We’ve heard about some issues after the update and now decided to take the update files off our servers until we have investigated the case.

I’ll announce it here once the update is available again, but for the moment please don’t worry if your phone doesn’t get the update.


Best regards,


Though we have a slight different feeling here. The Belle Fp2 update is much more than above two apps and though I have “Unlimited music download” through Nokia Music, I would give a miss for sometime for  such a huge boost in user experience coming with the update. So, in our opinion, Nokia could have pushed these two apps separately as further updates and let users install Belle FP2 on their devices.

Thanks Hendrik and Torcida for the Tip. Cheers !!

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  • Ktnfc

    I’ve a problem with my 700 when i updated it to bell fp2 so some apps can’t be open like video editor, music store,…

    • May be a reinstall via Nokia suite can help with music store. Video editor is now inbuilt in gallery itself. Go to gallery and click on edit in any video.

  • ansari wasim

    i also suffered with same problem photo and video editor is not in my nokia 700 after belle fp2 update please someone gives me solutions

  • Hi Kamalmishra, I can’t find the new firmware over NaviFirm+1.7 for my Nokia 700. I guess this is for the reason that Nokia has pulled the update out from their servers. But the thing is, I didn’t find the update yesterday (before they pulled the files out) as well. Any thoughts?

    • Roll-out for different regions will have different schedules. That’s why.

      • I have the North American variant of Nokia 700, but I’m already using the European Belle FP1 firmware (downloaded via NaviFirm and flashed using Phoenix). Is there any way I can download firmwares for other regions while staying in a different region?

  • Hendrik

    I don’t think that rollout was stopped only because of the Nokia Music bug, but because some devices were dead after the Nokia Suite flash!
    That’s what Iceman said here
    “Rollout was stopped because some devices were dead after official Nokia Suite update – my 701 was, for example. Flashed it via Phoenix – all good and working flawlessly”

  • After i updated via PC suite my 808 to FP2 yesterday, Nokia Music did not work & no video editor pro.

    Then Nok Music eventually works & I got Video Editor Pro after I re-flashed the latest FW using Phoenix.
    (BTW even before Fp2 was released, I flashed the v.0311 firmware to my phone using phoenix because everytime I check for update, PC suite always say my phone already has the latest firmware which is v.0309).


    1. I deleted all the v.0311 related files (which I got from Navifirm before) on this directory:

    C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsrm-807

    2. I copied all the contents of these 2 directories to C:Program FilesNokiaPhoenixProductsrm-807.

    a) C:ProgramDataNokiaNokia SuiteNOSSU2variantsProductsrm-807

    b) C:ProgramDataNokiaNokia SuiteNOSSU2variantsProduction ExternalProductsrm-807

    (The contents of the 2 directories above were downloaded by PC suite itself when I updated my phone to FP2).

    3) I chose “Software Reset” on phoenix.

    Nokia Music now works & I also have the Video Editor pro.

    But I still don’t have the Microphone icon on Maps search.