Weekend watch 3: Time for some Time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView.

Enjoy some of the cool time-lapse videos captured with 808 PureView. This one is my fav and truly awesome.           Do, let us know if you find  better ones, we will include them in the article.

Weekend watch 2: 808 PureView vs iPhone 5. Music concerts recording comparison.

Bringing to you Music concerts video capture samples with 808 PureView and iPhone 5. Just check the Rich-recording quality of 808 PureView and iPhone 5 can't match it, even after Apple has shipped it with 3 microphones set same as on 808 PureView (One more inspiration taken...

New Lumia 920 OIS and 808 drop-test videos captured at Nokia R&D.

Engadget has posted two more interesting videos, this time from the testing set-up of Nokia's R&D. In one video they have shown a platform that shifted up and down at adjustable speeds to test the Lumia 920's optical image stabilization, and in another video, a...

Nokia Belle FP2 firmware makes a comeback on NaviFirm.

You remember that Belle FP2 firmware made an appearance on the NaviFirm for 808 PureView and some of the power users downloaded and flashed there 808 PureView with it. We posted a probable change log of the Belle FP2 as reported by users and compiled by us. http://nokiapoweruser.com/2012/09/07/nokia-belle-fp2-update-reportedly-rolling-out-probable-changelog-as-reported-by-808-pureview-owners/ After sometime it...

808 PureView vs iPhone 5 low-light and daylight photo shootout. Didn’t we know the results already.

Gizmodo has done shootout of iPhone 5 with many devices including 808 PureView and as always happens, they have to say this in the conclusion. But if you're serious about good-looking memories, you should keep a point-and-shoot around. We're dreaming someday Apple will adopt a camera...

Nokia: No plan B. Asha series great success. 808 PureView received very well. Wanted to lead that’s why chose WP over Android.

TOI, the leading English daily in India has got a chance to interview "Vipul Mehrotra", a director at Nokia, responsible for the company's smart devices in India. He has also spent four years working on the strategy for Nokia's future and he was also the man...

808 PureView running Belle FP1 and Belle FP2 comparison videos.

These videos are posted on YouTube by the same person @asrialbaker, with whose help we prepared the Belle FP2 changelog for 808 PureView and others. These videos are in Malay, but a really good watch due to the comparison between 808 running on FP1 and FP2. If you...

Updated: How to capture Panorama images with 808 PureView.

Panorama fever is in the air and you will hear Apple fans talk a lot about Panorama in coming few days, as Apple has projected it as  one of the major new features of its innovation-less new iPhone. Surprisingly, I had this feature integrated to the...

Close up beauties, Low-Light dazzles with 808 PureView :).

Sharing some of the unedited pictures captured with my 808 Pureview's Camera. If you like them and want to see more, you can visit our Flickr account. Flick Link First the close up beauty shots,   Now, time for some Low-light dazzle, Do, let us know what...

Viber comes to Symbian and S40 devices. Confirms HD voice calls for Symbian soon.

Viber,  is a free cross-platform IM and VOIP call service which is very well-known for its HD quality voice calls on other platforms like iOS and Android. Now, Viber has arrived at Nokia Store for Symbian and S40 devices. Franky speaking, it didn't impress us too...

Nokia N8′ picture Gallery. Reader-shared some very interesting shots.

If you like photography and if you like Nokia N8, then the earlier Camera smartphone king never disappoints. So, one of our readers Harsh, who is studying at one of most prestigious Engg. institutes in India, has shared his N8 picture Gallery with us and tell...

Leaked image shows same Belle FP2 version 113.010.1506 coming to 603, 700 and 701.Probable changelog.

The above leaked image shows that Belle FP2 version 113.010.1506 which was seen at NaviFirm for 808 PureView and was flashed by couple of folks, is also coming for 603, 700 and 701 soon. If you remember earlier 808 PureView had always been at different Belle FP1 firmware than the 603, 700 and 701 and...

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