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Nokia: No plan B. Asha series great success. 808 PureView received very well. Wanted to lead that’s why chose WP over Android.

TOI, the leading English daily in India has got a chance to interview “Vipul Mehrotra”, a director at Nokia, responsible for the company’s smart devices in India. He has also spent four years working on the strategy for Nokia’s future and he was also the man who led the negotiations with  Microsoft before the company decided to throw in its lot behind Windows Phone.

The interview is quite detailed and Vipul has answered a range of questions from why Nokia fell, why windows phone eco system, why ditch Meego to is there any Plan B. We are just gathering most important points from his interview below.

  • When the industry changed, the OS became more of an enabler instead of being a differentiating factor. Nokia had a leadership change (Steven Elop, the current CEO replaced Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo in September 2010). These are two, let’s say, discontinuities, that affected us.
  • The buzz is already back. The Asha series is a great success. Nokia is coming back, step by step! The earlier  Lumia phones were one step. Asha phones are other. PureView 808 was received very well. Nokia is happy with the response Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 are getting.
  • As far as  Android is concerned, they decided against it because Nokia has been a leader and we want to lead. Nokia cannot be one of the many companies making Android phones.
  • Meego required huge investment in terms of resources and time. Nokia could have done it but going with Microsoft was the better option. By not focussing on the OS, Nokia can work on the ecosystem where we can leverage our strength in design, maps and music etc.
  • Lumia 920 and 820 are just beginning. Nokia is very sure of the success of new Lumia phones. As for the Plan B, there is none. Nokia has many more exciting devices in pipeline.
  •  Asha phones, which are very affordable, give a full smartphone experience. Nokia believes Asha phones can compete with low-end android devices.
  • Nokia is number one in the WP ecosystem and they are going to keep it like this. As for the pace, Nokia is now different. He promises that with Nokia’s expertise in design, soon other companies will have to catch them.


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  • rustyknight17

    Ermmmm, enabler is a bad thing ??? And sure the Asha series series is doing well , for now , but they r not smartphones , Well, perhaps the 509 might be …
    and Elop was certainly a change, though not for the better . I mean m if ur company is in dire straits , u don`t go killing proven cash cows , yet this is exactly what Elop did , which brings me to the next subject …
    People , including Nokia directors apparently , seem to forget that the N9 was the first comme4rcial Meego product , naturally there were delays and issues ! but the problems , as I understand it , had been largely solved by the time Meego was cancelled , to the point where ,a ccording to a Nokia insider , rthere 5 Meego phones destined for late 2011 , early 2012 release .Nop , Elop and the Nokia board deliberately killed Meego and Symbian to eliminate dangerous competitors .
    if Nokia wants to succeed , they must bring out a truly awesome Lumia phone , along the lines of the 1001 concept . The 920 is a great phone but some of its rivals r veryyyy close ! Nokia`s also going to have to improve the Ashas yet more , bringing the full smartphone experience , like multitasking .

    • Analysts are classifying Asha full-touch as smartphones. Anyways, they have given a lease of life for Nokia yet again. Lumia 920 is an excellent start. What do u think?

      • rustyknight17

        Depends on how u define smartphone . For most people , that includes multitasking , which the Asha Touch phones don`t yet have .
        Yes the 920 , as I remarked above is a great phone and certainlyahead of its competitors , except the 808 ( obviously ! ) ,and possibly the Sony Xperia S and the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx .But the 920`s not a game changer , like the 808 , and Nokia needs to bring one out , something along the lines of the 1001 concept , if they want to regain some of that market share .Thing is , Nokia has a fantastic oppiortunity here , after Apple`s IPhone 5 slip , but they need to get moving on this ! Looks like , though , they might be set to do just that , if the 1003,1110 and the 1200 Lumias mentioned in the Nokia RDA r real !