We have been reading & digesting (with a pinch of salt) lots of speculations / rumors / leaks surrounding upcoming Nokia Android smartphones in 2016 and beyond. Claimed leaks / Fan-made concepts of Nokia C1, Nokia P1 have been thrown at us and we always urged you to treat them as concepts. In this article however we are sharing some details about two of the upcoming Nokia Android smartphones which are now in prototyping phase, as per our trusted sources.

Nokia Android Smartphones Specs & Features:

As per the information we have received,

  • Nokia is working on two high-end Android Smartphones which will come with premium metallic design and the famous Nokia feel.
  • Nokia is planning to put in use its Brand image of “Sturdy & Robust” smartphones creator and we hear these two will come with water / Dust resistant IP68 ratings.
  • These two smartphones will run Android Nougat out of the box. Read about Android Nougat features and watch the hand-on demo by clicking here. Read our full Android Nougat coverage by clicking here. You can also read our Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update vs Android Nougat comparison by clicking here.
  • One of them will be smaller and may have a display size of around 5.2-inch and the bigger one may have a display size of 5.5-inch. While display resolution is not confirmed yet we can expect a QHD resolution OLED display.
  • Nokia has been silently working to improve its Z-Launcher UI all the while in background and the final product may have elements of Touch & hover interaction
  • Fingerprint scanner may be part of the high-end features on these two.
  • Camera wise we can expect lots of innovations coming to market with the new smartphones. We hear that sensors on these two smartphones may be most sensitive ever and will be based upon Nokia’s extensive research on wonder material “Graphene”.

Nokia Android Smartphones Release Date:

These two and one / two more Nokia Android smartphones are planned for unveil towards end of the year 2016, but depending upon testing and development launch date may move to Q1 2017 too.

Keep in mind we have info about very early-stage prototypes and these details may change in later phases of internal testing and feedback.