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Two high-end Nokia Android smartphones with Android Nougat Flavor in works. More details

We have been reading & digesting (with a pinch of salt) lots of speculations / rumors / leaks surrounding upcoming Nokia Android smartphones in 2016 and beyond. Claimed leaks / Fan-made concepts of Nokia C1, Nokia P1 have been thrown at us and we always urged you to treat them as concepts. In this article however we are sharing some details about two of the upcoming Nokia Android smartphones which are now in prototyping phase, as per our trusted sources.

Nokia Android Smartphones Specs & Features:

As per the information we have received,

  • Nokia is working on two high-end Android Smartphones which will come with premium metallic design and the famous Nokia feel.
  • Nokia is planning to put in use its Brand image of “Sturdy & Robust” smartphones creator and we hear these two will come with water / Dust resistant IP68 ratings.
  • These two smartphones will run Android Nougat out of the box. Read about Android Nougat features and watch the hand-on demo by clicking here. Read our full Android Nougat coverage by clicking here. You can also read our Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update vs Android Nougat comparison by clicking here.
  • One of them will be smaller and may have a display size of around 5.2-inch and the bigger one may have a display size of 5.5-inch. While display resolution is not confirmed yet we can expect a QHD resolution OLED display.
  • Nokia has been silently working to improve its Z-Launcher UI all the while in background and the final product may have elements of Touch & hover interaction
  • Fingerprint scanner may be part of the high-end features on these two.
  • Camera wise we can expect lots of innovations coming to market with the new smartphones. We hear that sensors on these two smartphones may be most sensitive ever and will be based upon Nokia’s extensive research on wonder material “Graphene”.

Nokia Android Smartphones Release Date:

These two and one / two more Nokia Android smartphones are planned for unveil towards end of the year 2016, but depending upon testing and development launch date may move to Q1 2017 too.

Keep in mind we have info about very early-stage prototypes and these details may change in later phases of internal testing and feedback.

Nayan has more than 10 years of experience of covering Technology and innovations. He is a big Nokia fan and Tech disruptions aficionado. He loves to review new cool gadgets and writing about Android, iOS, Gadgets and general Technology stuff. He has been associated with other well-known Tech sites WinCentral and GadgetOx since long. He currently sports a Lumia 950 XL and Nexus 5X. Other interests include listening to Nu-Metal Hits and Kick-Boxing. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • jibon


  • Sami Vuori

    I hope Nokia answers the need of thousands of power users and delivers a QWERTY phone. There hasn’t been any competition in this field for AGES, even though the pressure rises every year. The power users and gamers are fed up with the dumb glass screen with a few buttons. People would go absolutely mad if there came a high-end QWERTY phone all of a sudden.

  • I will buy one of these IF they come with the excellent HAAC microphones. I’m hanging on to my Lumia Icon (929) just for those.

  • bojan radovanovic

    if it commes with SD820 in 2017, it can not be called and have a price of one flagship, if they want to sell some of that.

  • Vasheck

    how someone can get those early stage phone?, maybe working as a tester?.

  • Rahul Chakraborty

    So,HMD is ready to face another failure like BlackBerry..Motorola made come-back with budget phones at first and at first they tried to capture the market..And Nokia/HMD is going to do just the opposite,and I want to add just one more thing Sony did just the same thing recently with releasing over-priced and high-end products only,and the effect of that is now they’re withdrawing from top 3 market India,China and US..So,if HMD thinks that without caring about top 2 markets say China and India,they can gain success and they’re living a dream..

    • Vasheck


      • Rahul Chakraborty

        Nokia always did Innovation, but one more thing that Set Nokia Different from others is “their customer satisfaction”,even their so called low-end feature phones also succeeded because of that..And as far as i know Nokia has always been the customers brand who cares about it’s customers whether they’re purchasing a mid range one or high-end one..Nokia shouldn’t have to go Apple/Sony’s arrogant way..

    • bojan radovanovic

      OPPO/Vivo is expencive, but still it sells more devices then Xiaomi.

      apple sells way more, as Samsung does….so if they want ot gain name, they must go from top..

      • Rahul Chakraborty

        Oppo/Vivo is not “Only High-End” product brand..And their mid rangers are also well-priced..Nokia can release 3 phones at least one mid range one..

        • bojan radovanovic

          no they are not all Only High-End, and their mid-rangers are not cheep, but still their sales numbers are good, realy good.

          • Rahul Chakraborty

            Exactly,that’s what I’m talking about..Nokia must go this way from the beginning by releasing 2 or 3 devices 2 high-ends priced between $500-$600 and one Mid ranger at around $300..End of story..

  • Tigerbaby

    First of all, HMDs main target market is not India. At the beginning, HMD will and have to come up with high end smartphones to gain focus on the brand again and make people want to buy a Nokia. What India will get is what will be coming from FIH later on: Feature phones and some cheaper Android devices that will not be available in the rest of the world. You will not be seeing that Micromax from the Nokia video nor a device called P1 or C1. For sure not. Hyvää Päivää, greetings from Finland.

    • Rce

      Just the opposite,India is right now the third largest smartphone market and even apple is trying to get into Indian market and Nokia will not do that?Nokia in his peak have earned maximum sales from India,China and Africa..And one more thing HMD Is not different from Nokia,it’s top leaders are all past Nokia employees and finally the Nokia you’re talking about is having a Indian CEO right now ..Nokia’s primary markets will be China,India,Brazil and Europe because they know that it’s difficult to get great sales from US.

      • Tigerbaby

        Nokia’s market is networks. You don’t tell me anything new. However, India is a market for budget phones, as where we in Europe are willing to pay way more for smartphones, unlike the USA where people only get phones with a subscription plan. India is a great market for cheaper phones, but the cheaper phones don’t bring you fame. I am from Helsinki, Finland, any further questions?

        • Rce

          India was an good market for budget phones,but strangely that budget phone market always went crazy for Nokia phones even for dumb phones at overpriced tags(N series at $600-$700 tags),definitely people in Europe can go for higher priced phones but alone European market can’t be able to make Nokia Number 1 again,big markets like India,China will always be important for any brands whether they’re only going for budget phones or flagship ones..
          Hello from India.. 🙂

    • Users are forgetting this too fast. And i have some sources that this new device would we from a chinese start up company that just released 3 models but HMD wants that they build this second model they had just with a Nokia branding. So as i see nothing comes there from Nokia as this Startup company had already last year and this year 3 models in the price range of 200$-250$.

      Nokia fana are all over talking like Nokia is building and testing their new devices, tes its Nokia on the Device but a tiny startup company designed and builded this new devices we see currently coming up :P.

      I wait just a few week until i post a story that tje new pictures of the dull metal body Nokia that was posted by chines sites as the newest thing is in fact a really tiny chinese OEM and they had a model that look 99% the same from inside and out. So it can be just two cases HDM copied this small OEM?! Where the chances are relly small, or they gave money to this startup to build HMD devices just with a Nokia logo on it.

      But all in all this is faaaaaaaar away from a Nokia we loved like the N8, N800, N95, Lumia 800, 920, 1020, 1520 and so on. But hardcore fans will of course say that i lie 😛 but i will prove it as soon as i get one more information i miss currently.

      Oh and tes it will be a 5.5″ and it maybe has a Helios CPU instead of a snapdragon but that still not all sure. What sure is this is not Nokia. Its a Nokia branded device produces and designed by a tiny chines OEM for HMD.

      • Tigerbaby

        It will be manufactured by no other company than FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Foxconn respectively Hon Hai Precision. which is not even located in China. Moreover, it’s not a start-up at all, but a former Nokia-owned manufacturing facility.

        So, just with these simple facts your long comment has been rendered non-sense.

        • You didnt understand my comment. The back cover we saw, the metallic one, with the antenna lines on top and bottom and with the same exact design is already out there on a Android smartphone from a startup company that sells it for 200$. This small company from china that this built this model i speak from (maybe) has given its next model to HDM for money because it looks 10000% like its own model. And i mean from inside where the screws are visible and from outside. So either HMD design apartment copies 1:1 a low budget 200$ china flagship or its easier and this company lend them their next device for some money so they can stamp their Nokia logo on it and say look here a new Nokia 🙂

          I just say isn’t it a shame that they and even Nokia will not have any influence on anything on this model. Its like a ODM that has sold them its generic device. And if this Nokia with the metallic back will be released i will show you the device from thos startup that looks the same. Like Funker, Moly and Choship, they all share the same design and specs because one manufacturer built and designed them for them.

  • Mamed

    If it doesn’t come too late I’m definitely jumping over. I love WP and been using it since 710 came out. But I’m really tired of it. I’m writing this from android phone where even Outlook is much better than on WP 8.1 & 10 — forget the other MS apps

    • Anton Tiroll

      The windows mobile Plattform is the best. I am very unwilling to switch completely to android; but i have to. MS-Office apps are much better on Android and even better on IOS than on WP; not to mention the frustration that most apps run differently than their counterparts on android and apple, and mostly have crappy interfaces. It is a mystery that mobile web developers avoid the platform altogether. Real commitment looks different!

  • Claudio Raponi

    I was a Nokia fans , but now I prefer the windows phone even if nobody follow s this very good os for mobile. But it is not the fault of Microsoft. 5 years ago Nokia was powerful in mobile and they have made nothing to help microsoft to win. Ok I will be alone but I prefer to follow microsoft… And I uninstall the app nokiapoweruser because I am not interesting to have news about this company. Ciao …

    • Kamal

      That’s not like a true “Nokia Fan”. Anyways take care 🙂

    • Hemedans

      these were Nokia lumia sales since launch of wp8 and before anouncement of Ms deal

      -q4 2012 4.4m units
      -q1 2013 5.6m units
      -q2 2013 7.4m units
      -q3 2013 8.8m units

      then when Ms take over they destroy everything.

      -Nokia Did Help Ms with Here maps
      -Nokia Use all of its latest Technology exclusive in Windows phone from pureview to HAAC mic, 60HZ display to Wireless charging etc
      -Nokia create quality apps for Windows phone ecosystem like Lumia camera, Nokia beamer, Nokia Reader, Play to and many more

      It was Microsoft who held back Nokia, Remember Lumia 1020 issue? Instead of using powerfull snapdragon 800 soc Nokia was forced to use dual core snapdragon s4 because windows phone didnt support quad core processor.

      • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

        It’s all true!

  • Bishal

    Great news about another smartphone that I can’t afford ☹

    • Kamal

      Amusing to hear that you are already contemplating it. Affordability wise we hear Nokia will pleasantly surprise all!! More on that later..

    • Jinit Ayer

      Price is the strategy for Nokia at beginning. Expect reasonable price as its making a come back. I heard Nokia CEO Rajiv Suri say it last year.

    • bojan radovanovic

      well, there are another phones…maybe Nokia will produce some cheaper, but don’t expect this HW for 100$

  • Tiago Miguel Morgado Jorge

    Excellent news! Will Nokia launch any mid-range smartphones and another camera phone?

    • Kamal

      Yes, we hear that. More info on that later.