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In a recent interview, Nokia’s Executive vice-president Michael Halbherr has emphasized that Nokia may have sold off its devices and services division for some reason but it is still not out of device business. He also didn’t rule out possibility of Nokia making phones again but said that may not happen anytime soon. Well, we can wait!!

“We have sold our device business for a reason, but that doesn’t keep us out of the device business,” Halbherr said. Just don’t expect to see Nokia making phones again – or at least any time soon.

“We are not prohibited from making any communication device. We will concept and think about new forms of devices,” he said.

“It would be wrong now to think about this from a phone perspective. With the cloud and the internet-of-things, we’re seeing a convergence of form factors where you do a few things well in a totally seamless way.

“We will still surprise people with leading-edge hardware.”

He also sees the Devices division divestment as a evolution for Nokia which has a rich history of such changes,

“I think of it as Microsoft entering Finland, really”, he jokes. “It leaves both sides in a robust position. It was a historical moment for us to divest the handset business but in a 150-year-old company with a history of divestitures and new investments, this is how companies evolve.”

Anyways, with Here Maps and best of the class data in tow, Nokia is already going ahead to be major driver of development of self-driving cars. Some recent patents showing Nokia’s intent of making wearable glass with see-through display, it may really augur well for Nokia’s next device venture and we can still wait for Phones….

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