We last reported about HMD CEO talking about some sort of partnership with Google for upcoming Nokia Android Smartphones. Now it seems the partnership may be about offering near-pure Android experience on the Nokia Android phones. In another interview, HMD CEO has again talked about collaboration with Google and has revealed bit more about it. So, it seems the Nokia Android experience will be easy to use and uncluttered. That sounds like music to my ears at least.

Nokia was always known for its ease to use phones, before half-baked Symbian experience took its toll followed by the bitter Windows Phone saga. So, good to see HMD management, which has some top ex-Nokia and Microsoft Phone executives already repeating their hard-learned lessons. From the NDTV interview,

What will be the Nokia Android experience be like?
Nummela: “We are in tight collaboration with Google in terms of the Android experience and the main highlight of Nokia device is easy to use and we are not going to clutter our device at all. It will be the perfect execution of Android and we will disclose at our first product launch.”

Now coming to another lesson learned by current HMD team, it seems unlike in past, Nokia Android Phones will ship soon after launch. And the launch will most probably take place during MWC 2017. From the Forbes interview,

But what does ‘launch’ actually mean? It’s worth a final throw of the dice.

“Launch means we’ll launch the device to the public…” Nummela playfully smiles. But hold on. I also recognise an impish sense of humour, there’s a bit more. “…and it is good practice to go on sale very soon after a launch.”

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