In a cryptic hint about future Windows 10 Mobile devices from Microsoft, Terry Myerson, Microsoft’s Windows Chief has said in an interview to ZDNet that Microsoft will continue investing in Windows Mobile. Here are some salient points he made in the interview about the stuff our readers may like to hear more about.

  • Microsoft is not going to stop investing in Windows Mobile. It sees a place in future for ARM chips and Cellular connectivity. That statement “And at Microsoft we have a few of those examples where we stopped” really shows that people at Microsoft do regret missing the Mobile revolution.

When you stop investing in these things, it’s super hard, super, super hard to restart. And at Microsoft we have a few of those examples where we stopped. Sometimes, when you’re investing into growth. it’s easier, but when you’re investing for technical strategy or things like that, sometimes people can question it — like you’re doing right now. But especially among your readers, I don’t think there’s much debate that ARM processors have a role in the future. And cellular connectivity does as well.

So we’re going to continue to invest in ARM and cellular. And while I’m not saying what type of device, I think we’ll see devices there, Windows devices, that use ARM chips. I think we’ll see devices that have cellular connectivity.

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