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Windows Phone head: No need for a Surface Phone. Nokia a great partner. Aims 200 million phones sales.

During AllThingsDigital's "Dive Into Mobile" conference today, corporate vice president of the Windows Phone Division, Terry Myerson has let some very interesting and quite important tidbits out. In a very important and soothing message for Nokia, Terry Myerson has made it clear that, Microsoft sees no need to consider a foray into phone hardware business. It would have to be

Nokia still the “priority platform partner”. WP7.8 to exist with WP8 for long, hinted to appear in coming weeks.

In an interview with "" Corporate vice president of the MS Windows Phone Division, Terry Myerson has shared some very interesting tidbits which can put many questions to rest. He confirmed Nokia's status as "Priority platform development partner " and gave them full credit for bringing innovations like "wireless charging" to