Notification Win 10Windows 10 for Phones brings some visible and powerful changes to how we used to deal with notifications and toasts on Windows Phone 8.1. Here are three really useful changes,

Actionable notifications:

Some of you asked us to show “actionable notifications” in action and we are showing that in above screenshot (middle). So, till now, we have seen it in case of upcoming text messages that you can expand the message pop up by pulling it down and then can reply to the message in-line while not opening it and even after expanding in the Action Center. And while we tried to check whether it works for Skype or incoming Mails, it doesn’t seem to be the case. You see the banners on top but can’t reply in-line. Though, good news is that you can reply in-line to messages even from Lock screen. You can also take action on Alarm notifications and we will keep finding more.

Actionable notiExpanding the notifications in Action Center:

It is a welcome change and now you can expand those notifications that don’t show up in full and you can read them completely in the Action Center and if they are actionable like messages, you can reply to them from Action Center itself.

Clearing individual notifications:

No more clearing all notifications of a group in one go even if you wanted to clear only few of them. You can clear notifications individually even if they are from a single account like your mail or message.