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How to join / opt out of “Windows Insider” programme on Windows 10 Mobile Redstone (Anniversary update)??

On Windows 10 Mobile, you now can become a Windows Insider for receiving Windows 10 Mobile preview builds. As an insider you can enjoy features and changes in advance that will come to non-insiders after several months. The Windows Insider registration process is even easier than enrolling for "preview for

Windows 10 for Phones vs Windows Phone 8.1: Missing features list. Dev Preview vs Technical Preview

Microsoft has talked about the difference between Preview for developers and Windows Insiders aka Technical Preview. Windows 10 Technical Preview for phones gives you a sneak peek at Windows 10 for phones. If you’re interested in getting the latest software updates to Windows Phone 8.1, use Developer Preview for Windows Phone 8.1 instead. There are many missing features on Windows 10