In weekend watch, we are bringing two videos for your visual pleasure. Fonearena has posted a video comparison between Lumia 920 PureView, 808 PureView and SGS III. They not only compare the video quality in a side by side comparison, but also the recorded audio quality has been compared. No point for guessing which device wins in audio round. Yup, it is 808 followed by Lumia 920. SGS III can’t even come closer to both. Video quality wise, the OIS effect is apparent with Lumia 920 video being most stable. But 808 PureView provides excellent clarity. SGS III is poor third in video comparison as well.

Check the video,


One more interesting video showing extreme test of Lumia 920’OIS .This has been shot from a fast moving train :). Lumia 920 doesn’t cease to amaze with its video capture ability !!