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Nokia & Steinberg partner to enable great VR Audio creation tools for OZO

Nokia is entering into lots of collaboration and partnerships to establish and consolidate its presence in the VR video & audio creation industry. Nokia is pioneer in this filed with its VR content creator...

Audio renamed as Equalizer and comes with new design with latest update

Microsoft is constantly updating it system apps on Windows 10 Mobile with new designs and lots of improvements. Just now the company pushed  a new update to Audio app for Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview...

Build 10149: FLAC support is here, Call recording may finally be here soon

It seems a much-complained about yet non-existing feature will soon be here with a Windows 10 Mobile upcoming build. The native Windows 10 Mobile "Voice recorder" app may e able to support call recording...

Lumia 540 Display (Video watching), Audio quality & Speaker volume demo video

Time to take our Lumia 540 coverage forward!! We unboxed and did a hands-on demo of Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 on Lumia 540. We also shared our impressions of the general performance and usability. In...

Native Gapless audio playback is confirmed coming with Windows 10

A great news here!! Windows 10 was earlier confirmed coming with native FLAC support, while there was no news about a top-asked feature. Yes, we are talking about gapless audio playback feature. But the...

Windows 10: Wi-Fi direct, Wi-Fi Hotspot 2.0 & Bluetooth (audio & other) enhancements revealed

More upcoming Windows 10 features here!! We just reported about many new features and abilities like: Activity detection & new sensors, USB-C & Mice / Keyboard support, New imaging capabilities, HEC support for native...

VLC Beta 1.0.7 fixes video-freezing, brings back background audio

VLC Beta 1.0.7 update is live now and it has proved to be an useful update, so far. On my Lumia 1020, the video freeze bug is gone and I can play videos finally. Background...

VLC Beta for Windows Phone updated, fixes the audio bug

  Quick heads-up!! VLC for Windows Phone has received its first update and fixes the audio bug which had made it virtually unusable. The latest version is 2014.1208.1435.1366. VLC Beta app arrived on Windows Phone store...

Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925: Audio (Music) quality, Speaker volume, Display (video watching)

  This is last in the series of Lumia 830 vs Lumia 925 comparison videos and we will follow it with our full in-depth review of Lumia 830. In this video, we compare music playback...

Two Lumia 830 Dolby surround sound capture samples: Meenmutty Falls & Birds Singing

Lumia 830 comes packed with many high-end features, the 10 MP PureView camera and high-end design taking the top slots, for its mid-range standing. But there are some very cool high-end features like Dolby...

Nokia posts ‘Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4’ video without officially announcing the device.

This is kinda funny to remember how much Lumia Icon has been leaked from everywhere possible, including Verizon. Now, Nokia joins the fun by posting a Lumia Icon vs Samsung Galaxy S4' drag race...

Weekend Watch: Lumia 1520 vs iPhone 5S camera shootout & audio comparison.

Lumia 1020 has been declared the smartphone camera king by some margin. Lumia 1520 doesn't boast of equally big sensor but still has 20 MP sensor and oversampling algorithms in place. We have brought...

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