gapless 2Gapless audioA great news here!! Windows 10 was earlier confirmed coming with native FLAC support, while there was no news about a top-asked feature. Yes, we are talking about gapless audio playback feature. But the Build 2015 presentation slides confirm that Microsoft has heard customer feedback well and has responded by making it a native feature. The playlist APIs will automatically provide gapless transitions.

  • Playlist APIs automatically provide gapless transitions
  • Metadata + heuristics are used to provide the best possible experience
  • Metadata used for AAC and MP3 (if it exists)
  • Heuristics always available
  • We’ve listened to your feedback (and we want more of it!)
  • Gapless audio, HLS, DASH, Customizable Controls and Closed Captions and natively supported
  • Building media apps is easy and powerful on Windows