Lumia 830 dolbyLumia 830 comes packed with many high-end features, the 10 MP PureView camera and high-end design taking the top slots, for its mid-range standing. But there are some very cool high-end features like Dolby surround sound capture and playback support which are not as easily noticeable as the design and camera.

While capturing a video with Lumia 830, you can use the option of recording surround sound audio with “Dolby Digital Plus 5.1”. You can access this from video settings in Nokia Camera. There are Dolby surround sound enhancements during playback of video and audio too.

Anyways, here are two audio / video samples captured by Lumia 830 with “Surround sound” on. One showcases sound of Meenmutty Falls located in Wayanad, Kerala, India and other has sound of some “Birds singing”.

Tip: Put good quality headphones on!!

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