When Nokia Mobile aka HMD global made a move in 5G smartphone space with Nokia 8.3 5G it grabbed good media attention with a promise of $500 5G smartphone. But unfortunately the smartphone’s release got delayed by 6 months and when it has been released, it faces serious competition from not only Chinese brands but also the biggies like Samsung.

The competition is not only offering better pricing for comparable package but in some case better specs too for a lower pricing. For example, OnePlus Nord features same processor but is priced almost EUR 200 less than Nokia 8.3 5G in Europe for the same 8GB RAM variant.

Coming to US, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is on pre-order at $599 as compared to $699 for Nokia 8.3 5G for the 8GB RAM variant. Galaxy S20 FE is powered by Snapdragon 865 processor which is the flagship 5G processor from Qualcomm.

It may seem that HMD is pricing Nokia 8.3 5G out of the market. $699 in the US and EUR 599/649 in Europe is steep pricing considering the kind of competition it is facing.

This pricing may have made sense if HMD was able to release Nokia 8.3 5G in April/May when 5G smartphones were really expensive. But now HMD needs to revise Nokia 8.3 5G pricing for making it competitive.