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Nokia Sues Apple for infringement of its patents

Nokia has sued Apple in Germany and the US for infringement of a number of its patents. Apple has already been a Nokia Patents licensee since 2011 and this patent licensing agreement ends December 31 2016. Under terms of this agreement, Apple paid one time huge sum and was committed

Nokia signs patent acquisition & licensing agreement with WiLAN

Nokia has signed patent acquisition and licensing agreement with WiLAN. Under the acquisition agreement, WiLAN which is considered to be a "patent troll" firm has acquired a portfolio of patents from Nokia Networks. Though terms of this agreement are not known, but Nokia may get benefited either by payment made

Weekend roundup: Future Nokia hardware, Windows Phone 8.1 leak, Lumia Icon release, Nokia-HTC licensing and much more!!

In weekend roundup, we are bringing to you some highlights from our coverage over the weekend. We covered some really interesting topics over the weekend and won’t like you to miss them. Future Nokia Hardware, Nokia-Microsoft deal closure and new brand announcement: Nokia hardware including wrist-wearable to come only from HERE division in