Nokia bizNokia has signed patent acquisition and licensing agreement with WiLAN. Under the acquisition agreement, WiLAN which is considered to be a “patent troll” firm has acquired a portfolio of patents from Nokia Networks. Though terms of this agreement are not known, but Nokia may get benefited either by payment made by WiLAN or may get a cut in the licensing fee originating form these patents.

Under a separate patent acquisition agreement between the parties also announced today, WiLAN will acquire from Nokia Networks a portfolio of patents with worldwide coverage related to various current and future wireless handset and infrastructure technologies. All other terms and conditions of the license and acquisition agreements are confidential.

Nokia Networks has also entered into a license agreement with WiLAN.

Wi-LAN today announced that WiLAN and Nokia Networks have signed a patent license agreement pursuant to which Nokia Networks receives a multi-year license to a broad portfolio of wireless patents used in a range of wireless infrastructure products offered by Nokia Networks.