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Nokia talks about revolutionizing you voice call in a new video

  Nokia may not be manufacturing cellular voice calling devices for the time being (though that is gonna change with possible cellular-data enabled future Nokia Tablets or Nokia-branded Android smartphones after Q4 2016), but it is still powering or rather revolutionizing the way we use voice calling via its Nokia Networks

Nokia Networks inks $970 million deal with China Mobile

Nokia Networks has recently received People’s Republic of China Friendship Award” and now it has been followed by a big $970 million deal with China Mobile. Nokia Networks and China Mobile today announced a framework agreement for mobile communication equipment and services valued at 970 million USD (760 million euros).

HERE gets BMW Supplier Innovation Award. Nokia Networks gets People’s Republic of China Friendship Award

Two of the Nokia businesses have been recognized with awards recently!! HERE has received BMW supplier innovation award while Nokia Networks got "People's Republic of China Friendship Award". Great to see Nokia businesses excelling in their fields!! BMW award: HERE, a leader in location and mapping, has received the BMW Supplier Innovation

Nokia Networks & Red Hat working on openstack cloud infrastructure

Nokia Networks and Red Stack are working together to bring virtualized core applications and cloud application management products and Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform together. Commercial products will be available in 2015. Nokia Networks and Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT) have extended their collaboration to enable mobile operators to create