Nokia talentFor those, who doubted our report of Nokia carefully planning to retain its top design and research talent in wake of Nokia-Microsoft deal, here is bit of info straight from the horse’s mouth. Ramzi Haidamus, president of Nokia Technologies confirmed it while running through the presentation during the Nokia Capital Markets Day webcast.

Key points:

  • Nokia has retained its innovation talent. As seen in the slide above, 75% of filed patents in 2013 were filed by talent Nokia retained
  • Nokia Industrial design team is intact at Sunnyvale and we have heard it from other Nokia employees too
  • The team behind many “Nokia branded distributed software” is still there with Nokia. Not sure, but may appear that Nokia Android team didn’t move to Microsoft.

One more very interesting revelation was made by Ramzi Haidamus, when he mentioned that Nokia brand will appear in market in some form, starting this quarter. We certainly don’t have the details, but according to him, Nokia wants to make its “Brand value” surge and is acting immediately to address it.

Watch the webcast here.