new nokiaSamsung has a long-standing SEP licensing agreement with Nokia. But with Nokia moving out of mobile manufacturing, it has more patents to invoke against the Korean company. So, Nokia is demanding more royalties from Samsung for its other patents being used by Korean handset manufacturers and a mediation procedure is going on in the United States.

What is encouraging is the admission by Samsung that it is no position to circumvent Nokia’s patent might. According to Samsung Electronics Senior Attorney Lim Young-jo,

“The fact that Nokia does not manufacture mobile phones any longer signifies that we cannot file a countersuit against it and we have to pay royalties to it,” the attorney explained, continuing, “Besides, we are in no position to circumvent, because Nokia owns a large number of basic and standard patents.”

Nokia has long maintained that it is no way turning into a patent troll, as it will keep on manufacturing equipments and devices under Networks and HERE. At the same time it will focus on monetization of 90% of its patents portfolio, which is unlicensed yet. it has become quite a force with its huge and broad patent portfolio of 10k patent families comprising 30k patents.