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Nokia CEO: Will be back to designing & licensing Phones in 2016.

rajeev_suri_1803Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri has just (re)confirmed what we have been telling you all along about Nokia’s future smartphone plans. Nokia will be back to smartphones designing but will take the brand licensing route for bringing them to the market.

This was conveyed at the time of release of Nokia N1 as well, but Nokia’s official statement sometime ago that they are not planning to manufacture and sell Phones currently, muddied the waters a bit. Nokia has now settled the confusion for ever in an interview to the German “Manager Magazine”.

Hamburg – Nokia CEO Rajeev Suri is planning the re-entry into the mobile phone business: “We will see us suitable partners to”, said Suri magazine in an interview with the manager and announced it to license the brand from 2016 to mobile phone manufacturers. Still, it is not allowed to sell mobile phones the formerly largest manufacturers in the world: 2013, the Finnish group had its mobile business to Microsoft Show stock chart sold and is contractually committed to stay away of the industry until the second half of the year 2016.

After the end of the clause, Nokia will Show stock chart challenge his former partner in the business, but: “Microsoft makes mobile phones, we would they only design and provide the brand name per license. But of course we would be able to attack, otherwise we could let it be equal”, Suri said in an interview.



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  • Emre Aktaş

    design by nokia (n9 like)

  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    Whatever Nokia does ZLauncher will be at the core of it.

    • Kamal

      Yup, that’s the plan. Software (UI) + Hardware design both are Nokia only, juts like on Nokia N1.

      • JLIT99

        I really like this strategy. Since Z Launcher supported Android widgets, it has been my main launcher on my phone.

  • CyberAngel

    They have absolutely ZERO Phone device Engineers left in Nokia.
    Nokia name could appear on a Chinese Android phone…

    • Kamal

      Says who. The whole Nokia Industrial design team (that designed devices like N8 and N9) is still there.

      • Prasenjit Singh Bist

        Nokia still has got Axel Meyer , he headed Nokia multimedia and entire Nseries design portfolio. There’s other awesome Nokia designer s left too. But Nokia CEO is wrong, Nokia sold it’s 350 member design team and 8500 design patents to Microsoft but cleverly transferred a few top talents to a CEO project called Emerging devices.

        But industrial design is not everything, Nokia has truly list device engineers. People who design components like camera, optics, display, mics, speakers, antenna, touch screens, battery, RF and baseband integration etc.

        Nokia is hiring such talents and re hiring mostly ex Nokians.
        but i trust future Nokia devices will be health and medical devices with a side business of mobile phones licensing.

  • JLIT99

    Great news. I was starting to worry they were getting cold feet about launching devices.
    It’s important that the new devices see a release in more than one country on launch, however.

    • Kamal

      That’s why we kept telling that it’s on. Nokia N1 saw limited release as it was kind of “proof of concept” and because Foxconn has very limited presence outside China. You will see more action in coming days.