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Big News: Nokia coming back with Android Phones & Tablets. HMD the sole global partner

So, the big news that we all have been waiting for is here and Nokia has announced its return to phones by granting HMD global Oy (HMD), a newly founded company based in Finland, an exclusive global license to create Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next ten years. The Nokia-branded smartphones and Tablets will be Android based.

Press Release:

Nokia signs strategic brand and intellectual property licensing agreement enabling HMD global to create new generation of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets

Espoo, Finland – Nokia has announced plans that will see the Nokia brand return to the mobile phone and tablet markets on a global basis. Under a strategic agreement covering branding rights and intellectual property licensing, Nokia Technologies will grant HMD global Oy (HMD), a newly founded company based in Finland, an exclusive global license[1] to create Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets for the next ten years. Under the agreement, Nokia Technologies will receive royalty payments from HMD for sales of Nokia-branded mobile products, covering both brand and intellectual property rights.

HMD has been founded to provide a focused, independent home for a full range of Nokia-branded feature phones, smartphones and tablets. To complete its portfolio of Nokia branding rights, HMD announced today that it has conditionally agreed to acquire from Microsoft the rights to use the Nokia brand on feature phones, and certain related design rights. The Microsoft transaction is expected to close in H2 2016. Together these agreements would make HMD the sole global licensee for all types of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets. HMD intends to invest over USD 500 million over the next three years to support the global marketing of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, funded via its investors and profits from the acquired feature phone business.

Nokia-branded feature phones remain one of the most popular choices of mobile phone in many markets around the world today, and HMD will continue to market them as part of an integrated portfolio alongside a new range of smartphones and tablets. HMD’s new smartphone and tablet portfolio will be based on Android, uniting one of the world’s iconic mobile brands with the leading mobile operating system and app development community.

As also announced today by FIH Mobile Limited (FIH), a subsidiary of Hon Hai Precision Industries (trading as Foxconn Technology Group), the remainder of Microsoft’s feature phone business assets, including manufacturing, sales and distribution, would be acquired by FIH. HMD and Nokia Technologies have signed an agreement with FIH to establish a collaboration framework to support the building of a global business for Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets. This agreement will give HMD full operational control of sales, marketing and distribution of Nokia-branded mobile phones and tablets, with exclusive access to the pre-eminent global sales and distribution network to be acquired from Microsoft by FIH, access to FIH’s world-leading device manufacturing, supply chain and engineering capabilities, and to its growing suite of proprietary mobile technologies and components.

Nokia will provide HMD with branding rights and cellular standard essential patent licenses in return for royalty payments, but will not be making a financial investment or holding equity in HMD.  Nokia Technologies will take a seat on the Board of Directors of HMD and set mandatory brand requirements and performance related provisions to ensure that all Nokia-branded products exemplify consumer expectations of Nokia devices, including quality, design and consumer focused innovation.

HMD would be led, once the Microsoft transaction closes, by Arto Nummela as CEO, who previously held senior positions at Nokia and is currently the head of Microsoft’s Mobile Devices business for Greater Asia, Middle East and Africa, as well as Microsoft’s global Feature Phones business. HMD’s president on closing would be Florian Seiche, who is currently Senior Vice President for Europe Sales and Marketing at Microsoft Mobile, and previously held key roles at Nokia, HTC and other global brands.

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  • Ajinkya

    Waiting for NOKIA

  • Michael David Tillman

    I know it won’t happen but my dream is for Nokia to produce phones using an updated Meego, perhaps something like Sailfish. They won’t be exclusive with Android so why not? Perhaps some legacy devices with physical keyboards? Or am I in fantasy land?

    • Miroslav Naď

      …. nie, nie si “snílek” (man in fantasy land). Iba im strašne fandíme 🙂
      Ja zas dúfam, že “nová” NOKIA prinesie napr.:
      GRAPHEN, IA, Neural networks, and so on …
      HMD Global goooooo 🙂

  • Ryan

    I preferred Windows on Nokia now its going to be one among a multitude of the android powered devices and if I were to switch to android nokia wouldn’t be first on my list android can add as many cores as tech allows but it’ll not be as efficient as IOS or Windows Mobile not even on a Nokia

    • Kamal

      Google on its part has kept improving Android and latest iterations are better than older ones even on less-powered hardware. Still I can agree to “multitude of the Android powered devices” but there is where Nokia name has some pull.

      • Ryan

        Yes a lot of people loved nokia back in the day ,yes google has come a long way from when I first used froyo to marshmallow i must admit i do like material design but Microsoft has also done alot with W10M lets just hope they stick to it

  • Prasenjit Singh Bist

    Nokia played a masterstroke Mr. Elop and BoD took a gamble with MSFT all the way along because they knew they could sell in case of adversity to MSFT they did that they failed to turn around the smartphone unit they knew the cost of restructuring they sold the failing business, transferred the job of layoffs and everything to the chimp called Microsoft who thought it can turn around without Nokia. Nokia masterfully kept the main assets brand and IP and see today they got 7 Billion + dollars from MSFT they are creating new markets and they again have a second chance in smartphone without any financial stress of restructuring costs and write offs, so Microsoft the evil gets the bamboo.

    Microsoft transferred the right to design patents to FIH and HMD will have access to those, Nokia design team will create the design, associated Nokia software branding(read zlauncher) and license to HMD. so, cool Apple does the same right? and they are iPhones from Apple so well these will be Nokia phones from Nokia and as long as Nokia name is there I am cool. My Nokia Lumia 1520 is dying now and I need a replacement. Samsung never it’s like eating my own Shit and iPhone how, it’s the company i religiously fought against whole life as a Nokia fan boy but still I thought may be I find peace with iPhone as they are the new Nokia but now my soul is in peace Nokia is back with real Nokia phones ….. 🙂

    But you know there’s a big game behind HMD many rich ex Nokians and Finns played a role. I’m guessing hidden Nokia funding too. Nokia can not deny a strong involvement with a seat in the BoD. A very clever way for Nokia but again I say Stephen Elop and Ristoo Silaasma saved Nokia not killed the greatest European technology brand ever.

    • Kamal

      Elop’s role has been controversial but one thing is sure, he proved much more expensive to Microsoft that Nokia finally and this is like “poetic justice”. What Microsoft took away from Nokia is coming back one by one…

  • McHale72

    If they are going to invest $500 million into marketing and development, that’s about $450 million more than Microsoft put into it. Glad to see Nokia back. It’ll make my transition away from Windows Phone a more familiar and pleasant one.

  • Muhammed Jabir Osman

    yay. although I love windows phones I felt nokia could have carved out a chunk of the android market if it had Lumia specific apps on android and windows phone at the same time

  • Deetron

    If only Microsoft could bring those updates faster on win7-8 mobile back in the day Nokia windows phone it would have been at 50% market share. Hate all you want on Elop the dude kept nokia alive, he knew how to sell his [email protected]#t

    • McHale72

      I liked Elop. It’s Satya Narayana I can’t stand. HE is to blame for Microsoft’s new subscription model and ridiculously poor phone initiative.

      • Ofentse Letsholo

        Satya Nadela was being realistic, he did see that WP was not selling but maybe not releasing WP Flagship was also the problem but maybe they were not ready as 950 was. I’m going were Nokia is going unfortunately… We come a long way me and her.

      • Deetron

        Maybe the problem is Microsoft realizing too late that they lost business people and thought Nadella will bring his A game from enterprise to get them back. His ideea of microsoft as a service’s not bad but if you don’t have signature hardware you’re losing with all the hipsters that love their iphones/droidphones. Remember the hybrid market and how Surface showed them how to do it? Surface Book forced Apple to come with their Ipad pro.

  • DiMais

    Hello again Nokia