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HTC may have signed patent agreement on the verge of a US import ban.

So, HTC finally let go of its stubbornness and entered into patent licensing agreement with Nokia. While one after another injunction wins against it in Germany may have been one of the major reasons,...

HTC finally takes a royalty bearing patent licensing agreement with Nokia.

Great news for Nokia fans and investors!! HTC which has suffered defeats in multiple patent lawsuits with Nokia in Germany and UK has caved in finally, and has entered in a royalty bearing patent...

New Nokia’s R&D ambitions, smart wearables, future licensing focus and more.

Nokia's CTO Henry Tirri has spoken to ZDNet during Slush conference and the interview brings forth some interesting details about the tech and R&D focus of the New Nokia. While NSN and HERE Maps...

Patentgate: Judge feels sanctions against #Samsung warranted over leak of Nokia-Apple patent agreement.

Samsung certainly finds itself in tough spot now over the leak of confidential Nokia-Apple patent licensing agreement by one of its executives sometime back. Apple has produced this licensing agreement in court during the...

Samsung extends patent licensing agreement with Nokia for 5 years.

In what looks like a big news for Nokia's "Advanced technology" business, Samsung has extended patent licensing agreement with Nokia for next 5 years. The current licensing agreement is going to expire at the...

Nokia may have generated $1.28 billion from IPR licensing and royalty payments last year.

An article over "Seekingalpha" has calculated the amount of cash, Nokia generated by licensing its patent portfolio to other smartphone manufacturers last year. It seems that the cash inflow due to IPR licensing has been...

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