HTC vs NokiaSo, HTC finally let go of its stubbornness and entered into patent licensing agreement with Nokia. While one after another injunction wins against it in Germany may have been one of the major reasons, seems HTC was destined for one bigger setback soon.

According to FOSS patents, on coming Monday, the 10th Feb, it could have been slapped with US import ban. Back in September, Nokia won preliminary ruling against HTC Android devices in US over two hardware patents. On Monday ITC was scheduled to rule on one these patent complaints.

On this coming Monday (February 10), the ITC was scheduled to rule on Nokia’s first of two ITC complaints against HTC. The U.S. trade agency was reviewing a preliminary ruling that found HTC to infringe two Nokia patents. Affirmance of the preliminary ruling with respect to one or both patents would normally have led to a U.S. import ban.

Source: FOSS patents