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Apple vs Samsung

Samsung certainly finds itself in tough spot now over the leak of confidential Nokia-Apple patent licensing agreement by one of its executives sometime back. Apple has produced this licensing agreement in court during the Samsung-Apple litigation meant to be used only by Samsung’s outside counsel (marked as “Highly Confidential — Attorneys’ Eyes Only”). Read more about this exposure in our previous article. Nokia and Apple complained to court and the court which is dealing with this had ordered a probe.

Now, It appears likely that Samsung and its outside lawyers from the Quinn Emanuel firm will be sanctioned, but only after the retrial. Further hearing has been scheduled for December 9, 2013.

Friday’s court order clearly hints about tough time ahead for Samsung. Read some important parts of the today’s court order below and for more click at the source link below,

The question at this stage appears to be what sanctions the court should impose on Samsung and Quinn Emanuel:

“Having finally crawled out from under the boxes [full of material submitted for in camera review], it appears to [Judge Grewa] that if anything was breached, it was this court’s protective order, and that sanctions against Samsung and its attorneys are warranted.”

“[F]rom the arguments and evidence submitted, an outline does emerge suggesting sanctions should issue based on the following violations of its protective order: […]”

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