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These are three pictures from a recent trip to a “National Wildlife Park” and as always got a chance to test my 808 PureView in a different setting altogether, as I have never carried a camera since owning a N8. Guess what, the best thing you would like about 808 PureView while capturing wildlife is the lossless zooming and great PureView image quality at 3 and 5 MP. You wouldn’t like to disturb the animals there while taking a photo so it is always better to set the 808’s MP count to as little as possible (2/3 MP) so that you can get maximum “lossless zoom“.


The above photo of Lion is 5 MP one and the rare White Tiger has been captured in a 3 MP shot, and still the image quality impresses.


The butterfly was quite difficult to capture because of constant fluttering of wings and rapid movement. So setting the 808 to 5 MP and zooming in helped. That’s where you feel really happy about the magic of Nokia’s innovative “PureView” technology !!

 We don’t say that 808 PureView can replace specialised wildlife cameras which need to have great zooming levels, shutter speed control and what not. But it really delivers with first ever lossless digital zoom on any digital camera.

May be in future, Nokia can challenge even specialist cameras with Oversampling + OIS and further. Let us see what EOS stands for then !!

You can certainly visit our Flickr account for more pictures from 808 PureView and N8.

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