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Oversampling with upcoming “#Nokia Black” to give more natural and less noisier images!!

[embedit snippet="fluids"] When Lumia 1020 stepped into 808 PureView's shoes with 41 MP sensor, many were  disappointment with the new approach of oversampling resulting in saturated and noisier images with more detail. Seems, all those complaints may have worked as "Juha" from Nokia has confirmed in a tweet that the upcoming

Some low light w/o flash images with #Lumia1020 posted by normal user. Great details and light capture!!

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] So, actually I was waiting to see some low-light without flash images captured with Lumia 1020 posted by some real users. We have already seen Lumia 9XX series phones capturing 5 times more light than competition smartphones due to OIS. But, when we talk about having OIS and oversampling

Death of SLRs!! PureView phase1, PureView Phase 2, Rich-reording, ProCam and that portability make Lumia 1020 a winner.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, Nokia has manged to pull off what imaging enthusiasts wanted it do. To bring PureView phase1 and phase 2 together. They have not only brought OIS and oversampling together in Lumia 1020, but also improved the 41 MP sensor. The sensor on Lumia 1020 is BSI instead of

POV: Unibody P/C design, Oversampling, OIS and low-light imaging idea now. Nokia is biggest victim of idea theft.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Nokia has certainly got lots of love and attention from many self-proclaimed innovative manufacturers, but all in background ;). Especially after Nokia has started bringing true imaging and design innovations like "Oversampling", "Unibody polycarbonate design", "OIS and great low-light imaging" on latest devices, the idea copying has just gone worse. Irony

So, how good a 3 MP and 5 MP picture can be? Some wildlife pictures from a recent trip !!

[embedit snippet="madsb"] These are three pictures from a recent trip to a "National Wildlife Park" and as always got a chance to test my 808 PureView in a different setting altogether, as I have never carried a camera since owning a N8. Guess what, the best thing you would like about 808 PureView while capturing wildlife is

Next phase of PureView to rival “DSLR Quality” in all conditions. Is (Oversampling+OIS) being hinted?

Though it must be dream of every "PureView" fan, but Nokia has never claimed or denied that they will combine both the PureView techs from 808 and Lumia 920 in one and bring into one device. Now, in an interview with Nokia conversations, Juha Alakarhu, head of imaging technologies at Nokia has