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Nokia has certainly got lots of love and attention from many self-proclaimed innovative manufacturers, but all in background ;). Especially after Nokia has started bringing true imaging and design innovations like “Oversampling”, “Unibody polycarbonate design”, “OIS and great low-light imaging” on latest devices, the idea copying has just gone worse. Irony is all of these “inspired” folks copy it shamelessly and then claim it to be their innovation :P.

So, 808 PureView came up with “oversampling”, Apple copied the idea in iPhone 5 for improving on low-light imaging. HTC has just done wonders. It not only copied the unibody polycarbonate design in many models but also boasted them to be their original ideas. Now, in yesterday released “HTC One” their new flagship, they are just singing praises of OIS and low-light imaging capabilities of the device. So, a direct idea theft from Lumia 920’s low light imaging technology. And don’t bother to ask HTC, because they claim to be “innovative” and this will be their original idea? Yup, they really are (C+P) innovators: Copy and Paste innovators !!

Anyways, this brings us to real question. What can Nokia do to avoid it? Nothing actually, unless they have patents in place for these ideas which are really difficult to be patented. But, may be promoting the innovation they bring on-board like crazy may make people realize difference between “innovators and (C+P)s”.

Also, it is better to move faster in such environment and bring the technology to as many devices and in as many hands as possible, so that they Nokia can take advantage of what they created. !!

Last but not the least. This came to my mind when going through tweets yesterday, “Followers will be Followers and Leaders will be Leaders” and that’s why we love innovation leader “Nokia“.

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