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Full Phablet

Alan@Adduplex had teased us about RM-927 and RM-940 apart from the RM-937. We learned first from Alan and later found a family of variants in Nokia Care Suite compatible device list as well. These are RM-937, RM-938, RM-939 and RM-940.


Also RM-927 and RM-940 have similar resolution as RM-937 and most importantly as revealed it seems RM-927 is Verizon bound and RM-940 is AT&T bound. So, it seems these all are different variants of the Phablet and,

RM-927    Verizon

RM-940   AT&T

RM-937   RM-938 and RM-939 may be Global, China Unicom and China Mobile variants of the Phablet.

These all were running WP8 version 8.0.10492.

One more variant RM-955 has been revealed in Adduplex report, which we know is the Lumia 925T for China Mobile.


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