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RM-927 is the Verizon bound and RM-940 AT&T bound variants of the upcoming Phablet.

[email protected] had teased us about RM-927 and RM-940 apart from the RM-937. We learned first from Alan and later found a family of variants in Nokia Care Suite compatible device list as well. These...

Details about low-priced version of Lumia 920 tipped!! Sep-Oct release along with Nokia Phablet.

Do you remember one of our reports regarding what to expect in terms of high-end Lumia releases in the year 2013. http://www.nokiapoweruser.com/2013/04/18/nokia-planning-a-phablet-41-mp-pureview-lumia-and-two-more-high-end-lumia-devices-launch-in-2013/ You may note two of the phones listed in that report have come true...

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