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New tip claims #T-Mobile bound #Lumia 1520 variant to have in-built wireless charging and not the Global variant.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] A recent tip from one of our trusted tipsters claim that it is T-Mobile bound Lumia 1520 variant which will have inbuilt wireless charging and not the global one. Also, according to the tip, RM-937 is Global variant RM-938 is T-Mobile variant RM-940 is AT&T variant RM-939 is China Unicom variant We are not

#Lumia 1520 shows up in Ferrari Red now!!

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, this will make many of the prospective "Bandit" buyers happy. Red Lumia 1520 also shows up in leaked photo by evleaks. Though, it is not sure whether it will come at time of launch as we have seen Lumia 1020 in Red appearing without getting launched yet. [embedit snippet="madsr"] Source

#Lumia1520 variant RM-940 for AT&T passes through FCC. Size revealed. Global Variant RM-938 to have inbuilt wireless charging.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] Here is one of the earlier leaked images showing thin bezels on Lumia 1520. Well the giant "Bandit" has already visited FCC as RM-940 which we revealed from "BSIG" certification to have Snapdragon 800 CPU and Adduplex data confirmed as AT&T bound device. So, as expected it has AT&T LTE band

Report: Nokia to launch six mobile devices including “Sirius Tablet” and Asha devices on October 22nd #Nokia #World.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] A report from WSJ claims that Nokia can unveil as many as six new devices including the Sirius Tablet which has just passed through FCC as RX-114 and Asha devices. Nokia  plans to unveil six new mobile devices including its first tablet at an October event in Abu Dhabi, representing

Leaked “Storyteller” screenshots for Lumia 1520 / 2520 explain #stories in Nokia’s official teaser for “Nokia World”.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] So, evleaks has striked again, this time with screenshots of "Storyteller" app for both Bandit aka Lumia 1520 and Sirius aka Lumia 2520. Timeline, places etc remind us a bit of Facebook's attempt and a bit of Nokia's own attempt with Symbian and Ovi earlier to tell a story

Nokia Phablet/Tablet rumors come full circle. Latest report says Phablet due in Septemeber last week :P

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] So, rumors/reports for Nokia Phablet/Tablet come full circle. What was tipped initially by our sources was September launch of Phablet and August launch of Tablet (which was delayed later to match Win 8.1 RTM schedule). Then we received a tip claiming to have leaked Nokia product road-map and then Tablet

Lumia Phablet for AT&T on BSIG. To run on Snapdragon 800. Mid-range & low-end Lumias may run on Snapdragon 400, 200.

[embedit snippet="madsr"] A recent entry on Bluetooth SIG is for RM-940, which is the future AT&T bound Lumia revealed by "Adduplex data". This device has a resolution of 1080p confirming its status as to be the Nokia Phablet for AT&T. There are more variants of this RM-940 confirming its status as

RM-927 is the Verizon bound and RM-940 AT&T bound variants of the upcoming Phablet.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] [email protected] had teased us about RM-927 and RM-940 apart from the RM-937. We learned first from Alan and later found a family of variants in Nokia Care Suite compatible device list as well. These are RM-937, RM-938, RM-939 and RM-940. Also RM-927 and RM-940 have similar resolution as RM-937 and