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A recent entry on Bluetooth SIG is for RM-940, which is the future AT&T bound Lumia revealed by “Adduplex data“. This device has a resolution of 1080p confirming its status as to be the Nokia Phablet for AT&T. There are more variants of this RM-940 confirming its status as a world device as well.


RM-940 has got listed at BSIG with new QDID which has processors listed as MSM8974; MSM8x26; MSM8926; MSM8x10; MSM8916; MSM8x12; APQ8074 as shown in screenshot below.

Untitled Now all these processors seen in RM-940’s Bluetooth data belong to¬† Snapdragon 800, 400 and 200 as shown in the processor details taken from Qualcomm website. We have both MSM8974 and APQ8074 listed in Snapdragon 800 while MSM8x26; MSM8926 belong to Snapdragon 400 and MSM8x10; MSM8916; MSM8x12; seems processors of Snapdragon 200 category. There is not even a single processor in Snapdragon 600 category.


So, here is what it looks like,

High-end future Lumia– Quad-core Snapdragon 800- Adreno 330 GPU

Mid-range Lumias – Quad-core Snapdragon 400- Adreno 305 GPU

Low-end and dual-sim Lumias– Quad-core Snapdragon 200- Adreno 302 GPU

As, it has emerged from Bluetooth info of RM-940 which is already confirmed with a 1080p resolution and AT&T destination. Hence, it is no coincidence and we are very sure that Nokia Phablets will be performance monsters running on Snapdragon 800 and that power efficient WP OS which performs so amazingly on a last-gen dual-core processor as well.

BSIG link

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