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Check out Windows 10 apps compiled for ARM64 for the first time

At WinHEC 2016, earlier this week, the partnership between Microsoft and Qualcomm secured the community by a storm. Microsoft's announcement of Windows 10 running on Snapdragon ARM processors has sent waves across the competitive technological companies and fans, they are very much excited about it already. What this means for the end user

In UK? Get games free on buying a Lumia from CPW. Also get $50 on exchanging your camera for a Lumia 1020.

[embedit snippet="fluids"] If you are in UK and plan to buy a Lumia then check these offers from CarphoneWarehouse. In collaboration with Snapdragon they are offering free Gameloft games. To celebrate we’re giving away FREE mobile games to customers who purchase selected Nokia Lumia devices before the 6th December. Purchase a Nokia Lumia

Lumia Phablet for AT&T on BSIG. To run on Snapdragon 800. Mid-range & low-end Lumias may run on Snapdragon 400, 200.

[embedit snippet="madsr"] A recent entry on Bluetooth SIG is for RM-940, which is the future AT&T bound Lumia revealed by "Adduplex data". This device has a resolution of 1080p confirming its status as to be the Nokia Phablet for AT&T. There are more variants of this RM-940 confirming its status as

Upcoming dual-sim Lumias may run on Snapdragon 200 and can go deeper than Lumia 520 in pricing!!

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] Sometime back, Nokia's Jo harlow mentioned in an interview that Nokia is all but set to bring Dual-Sim Lumia in future. She though didn't mention which price-point these new dual-sim Lumias will belong. But, new Snapdragon 200 processors announcement has  actually given enough clue about how these dual-sim Lumias may shape

Recent Snapdragon 800 sightings may hint it coming to Phablet with 41 MP sensor and 16-lens Array camera.

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] We reported an interview of Nokia's Jo Harlow, where she hinted how Nokia is certainly looking to bring "computational photography" aka that 16-lens Array camera from Pelican imaging to Lumia range. She at the same time emphasized how change in processing capabilities of smartphones will allow Nokia to bring "computational