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#Lumia1520 variant RM-940 for AT&T passes through FCC. Size revealed. Global Variant RM-938 to have inbuilt wireless charging.

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Here is one of the earlier leaked images showing thin bezels on Lumia 1520.



Well the giant “Bandit” has already visited FCC as RM-940 which we revealed from “BSIG” certification to have Snapdragon 800 CPU and Adduplex data confirmed as AT&T bound device. So, as expected it has AT&T LTE band and size wise it is the biggest Lumia yet by a huge margin. As compared to the second largest Lumia, Verizon bound Lumia 929 which has the size of 137 x 71 mm, Lumia 1520 will have size specs of 152 x 81 mm. Giant, didn’t we say that.

Also interesting to note that RM-938 has also been mentioned in the filing of the RM-940 and even the difference between them is highlighted. RM-938, we can bet will be the global version and surprisingly revealed to have “In-built wireless charging” while RM-940 will have the Wireless Charging interface pins in the backcover like Lumia 1020 or Lumia 925. So, may be RM-938 will be heavier of two. Anyways, may will welcome decision of Nokia to have in-built wireless charging in Global version.

Difference between RM-938 and RM-940 is that DTM feature and WCDM1700/2100 (Band 4) will be disabled from RM-940, and RM-940 will GPRS support multi-slot class 10. In the testing reported here multi-slot class 12 has been available as worst case in all the samples. Additionally, difference between RM-940 and RM-938 is that RM-940 has only Wireless Charging interface pins in the backcover, while RM-938 has built-in Wireless Charging (WPC/Qi) loop. This HW difference was tested according to FCC KDB 648474 D03 Wireless Chargers Battery Cover V01R02

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  • Reetu

    I am now 100% sure Lumia 1520’s screen is 5.7″ or 5.8″ if the thing in that picture is really L1520 and it’s width is 81mm. It’s very easy to calculate.

  • Reetu

    Ok.. Let’s do some math, I know you like to calculate! 🙂

    So… Lumia 625’s width is 72,2mm. Lumia 625’s screen is 4.7″ and 4.7″ screen width is 2.3″ which makes it 2.3″ x 25.4 = 58.4mm. 72.2mm-58.4mm=13.8mm/2=6.9mm. So, L625 has 6.9mm bezel. That is quite large bezel.

    Because of that and other Lumia phones, I still believe Lumia 1520 is going to have 5.7″ screen and ~5mm bezel both side = That makes 81mm width. No way it’s going to have under 3mm bezel. But we will see…

  • Reetu

    Width 81mm. So… it seems after all it has the same 5.7″ screen size than Note 3 because I really don’t believe it has under 3mm bezel. Note 3’s width is 79.2mm and I think L1520 has more bezel because it’s WP, obviously. For example, L720, L925 etc has something like ~6mm bezel..

    What do you think guys? Just think about it! It cant be 6″ because width is “only” 81mm.

    • Kamal Mishra

      But recent Lumia 625 has got very thin Bezels and if leaked images have to be believed Lumia 1520 will have thin Bezels too. We have updated article with one of the leaked images.