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6-inch Phablet #Lumia1520 photo with 3 mid-size live tiles on homescreen posted. Makes #Lumia1020 look really small.

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Someone has posted above image of upcoming Nokia Phablet aka Bandit aka Lumia 1520 in Verge forums. It seems to be accompanied by what looks like a Lumia 1020 and makes it look really small. It remind us of two of the earlier images, one where we compared the earlier leaked metal Phablet body with Lumia 920 and another where we can see the leaked bezel. The leaked Bezel may belong to this but the metal body Lumia looks different form the Red polycarbonate body Phablet leaked above. May be the metal body Lumia Phablet will be the one coming next year in Mar 2014 with Lytro camera.

14231401088625814_14361-576x1024 Full-PhabletActually, having a look at the above image gives us a fair idea of how big it will actually be in real-life and it simply will dwarf even the largest Lumia out there. Anyways, you can also note how three “mid-size” tiles are fitting snugly on the home-screen of Lumia 1520 in top image. So, it seems rumors about GDR3 bringing more Live-Tiles per row were actually correct.

Thanks Nands for the Tip. Cheers!!

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  • Kamal Mishra

    You may be right. But, this does look like the 6-inch Phablet. Though Aluminum version may be different and may hit the market as the one with “Lytro camera” in 2014 :).

  • Peter

    And the speculation begins… 🙂

    I dont think that the red phablet (which seems to have a polycarbonat body) in the leaked picture above is the same as the aluminum phone from earlier leak. My wild guess is that the aluminum one is the next flagship phablet with 6-inch display and if I remember right then I’ve read about a 5,5-inch 8xx lumia in the pipeline. And by looking at the design, this leaked phone looks more like a big 820 with rounded edges. So is it just me or does anyone else think that the red phone not might be the flagship phablet which is supposed to have a 6-inch display?

    • Gokul

      Yep… I think the same too…….
      early leaked lumia with aluminum body is totally different than this one..
      so i think too many lumias coming soon……

  • My baby 🙂