An update for all NPU app users!

A little flaw
As you maybe have noticed we had a problem yesterday with our app. The cause was a
glitch in our latest WordPress feed plugin update regarding images. Thanks Jeff, for helping us out!

As stated before you need to deinstall and install when upgrading to the latest version because of a incompatibility problem with isolated storage. I looked into this and he will make
sure this is not needed again in future updates!

App stars needed!
As app stars are important for finding the app and people thus supporting Nokiapoweruser. Please help us by rating the app, we do need your support to further develop it!
We don’t want to bother you with annoying “please vote” popups in the app itself as other apps do and therefore would really appreciate this favor for our free app.
Use the app Settings or just click here if you are logged in to Microsoft and click ‘Check my Windows Phone Store‘ to go to the correct store!

If you gave us a low rating because of the stated issues we ask you to please upgrade the rating and change your comment if you are happy again !!

Comments and feedback
It’s technically not possible to react on app comments in the store (vote here) so
this is frustrating for everybody. We do need and want your feedback, please mail it to [email protected]. We can then react on your bugs, wishes and comments. As my job is keeping me quite busy, just don’t expect an answer in an hour 😉

Thanks for all your patience and help!