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Roger Hendriks

He is CTO of Fenêtre internet applications and co-owner of Keen On Apps (, both located in The Netherlands. Roger is the face behind NPU’s Windows Phone app and writes interesting articles on NPU when he gets time from donning the role of CTO of his company.
Write to him at Email: [email protected]

Recent Articles by Roger Hendriks:

NPU app fixed

Hi all, The last week the NPU app had a problem with the caching tool of the website. New articles where not shown so that was a major bummer. This is now fixed in the latest version of the app which will automatically be updated in the following days. 2017 will be

Lumia sales update

Microsoft is really on the roll with the Lumia phone. I am still looking back with pleasure at the cool MVC presentation of the very cool Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, available in Cyan! It's also nice to see that the existing low-end Lumia's are selling great and boost up

Microsoft Lumia 535 keeps on selling in India & Netherlands. Google Trends shows Lumia 535 popular elsewhere too

Lumia535 Zauba

As Kamal has shown us before, it seems like the Microsoft Lumia 535 is selling big time in India. As India is Worldwide the third biggest phone market and now almost larger then the US, the second biggest market behind China, this is great news for Windows Phone fans. Look at

Popcorn Time is coming


For everyone who didn't know this yet: Popcorn Time is a very popular streaming service to watch torrents. With their software you can instantly start watching a movie or serie after selecting it with their software client. The client has a user friendly, Netflix alike, interface and is available on

Lumia 535 also on pre-order in The Netherlands – pricing and availability

Lumia 535 Centralpoint

The Lumia 535 is now also on pre-order in The Netherlands. And this for a very nice price of less the € 120,-. It seems like the worldwide availability is going great with actual delivery in India, USA, Vietnam and pre-order options in Germany & France and the Philippines. The Lumia