Microsoft is really on the roll with the Lumia phone. I am still looking back with pleasure at the cool MVC presentation of the very cool Lumia 640 and Lumia 640 XL, available in Cyan!

It’s also nice to see that the existing low-end Lumia’s are selling great and boost up global sales as one can see from the Kantar report. As always we also use the Indian Zauba import/export website for some actual figures.

If you look at this picture, you can see that the Lumia 535 is selling well.

Lumia 535 zauba

The decline in Februari has a very good reason: the rise of the 435, with almost 100K devices sold and the 532, with almost 76K devices sold in this month.



This gives a total of 4o0K low-end Lumia devices sold in Februari in India!

If you add up all sold low-end Lumia’s since december, Micosoft sold more then 1 million devices in India alone under it’s new brand name. We know these Lumia’s are also very popular in Italy, Vietnam, Brazil, Bolivia and several Eastern European countries so if we take India as a baseline this is surely a nice indication for global sales. One can also see this interest in the global trends:


And the good feeling closure this time is the picture below where one can see that the Lumia 635 has taken over the top spot of the Lumia 520 in No-Contract US Phone sales at Amazon!