Lumia535 Zauba

As Kamal has shown us before, it seems like the Microsoft Lumia 535 is selling big time in India. As India is Worldwide the third biggest phone market and now almost larger then the US, the second biggest market behind China, this is great news for Windows Phone fans.

Look at these figures from Zauba. Almost 660K devices have been sold since November, with 125K in the first week of February 2015. If we transpose these that could become 500K devices in February, leading to almost 1 million Lumia 535 devices in the end of FebruaryLumia535 Zauba in India only!

Keep in mind the first quarter is a traditionally very weak quarter for worldwide phone sales and with the Lumia 435 and 532 yet to come and the 535 just released in many more mayor markets like Brazil, United Kingdom, France and the US this will become a super quarter for entry devices.

These figures are also backed by Google Trends as you can see here GoogleTrends-Lumia535


Bangladesh and Bolivia are doing well too!

And to get an extra good feeling 2 nice pictures from my home country, you don’t have to understand Dutch to get the idea 🙂

belsimpel sales lumia 535

coolblue sales lumia 535