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Nokia on the roll in the Netherlands

As The Netherlands is my home country I was always a little disappointed with the market share of and attention for Windows Phone. For me as a business user I never regretted switching to this beautiful platform from my iPhone. And actually it seems like Windows Phone is catching up here too. A couple of interesting things one can see.

Lumia930 1 en 2 in NL

At coolblue (a large Dutch webshop) the Lumia 930 black is #1, 930 orange (our football color, sold out) #2 (sold out), 930 green #5 (sold out), 930 white #6 (sold out) and the Lumia 630 on #8.

And with a contract the 930 is #1 and the 635 on #8.

At, another large Dutch webshop, the 530 is #3, the 930 #8 and #630 #12

At Informatique the 930 is #4

At the business top 10 the 1520 is #4 and the 925 #6

At the 90 is #2

With the magnificant 930 and 4G price boosters like the 630 and 635 it seems like Nokia/Microsoft made the right choice!

Roger Hendriks
He is CTO of Fenêtre internet applications and co-owner of Keen On Apps (, both located in The Netherlands. Roger is the face behind NPU’s Windows Phone app and writes interesting articles on NPU when he gets time from donning the role of CTO of his company. Write to him at Email: [email protected]
  • dicey

    Let’s put it like this; if you are an average consumer, as in; the majority, the millions that you need to assemble any meaningful marketshare, where would you get your mobile phones? Currently it’s still the sad case that the majority just runs into their local carrier shop and buys their device with a plan, right there. Extensions to plans with new devices go store, and a little more website/phone.

    However if you are like “us”, as in; people that have a little more interest in devices, then you do buy at places like Coolblue. However that group is rather small unfortunately. This just means that the numbers we have now are basically saying how the small group of techy folk that like WP are now all buying their WP devices at their release through the more tech-savvy stores. Unfortunately there is no way to get any meaningful data for it’s marketshare out from that. I mean; the Lumia 520 and 620 have been in similar positions at those stores, yet still Nokia is struggling (mostly due to Nokia Netherlands not marketing at all or in a TERRIBLE way) in the Netherlands.

    I’m hoping WP gets more marketshare in Europe, however these hints at a minor success shouldn’t be taken without their fair few grains of salt.

  • dicey

    Cute.. Until you remember that the Netherlands is the weakest country for Nokia in Europe, coolblue isn’t as big as they pretend to be and doesn’t sell as many phones as others in the market (most is still carrier stores, phone house and carrier websites). barely sells phones to people, if at all. Informatique same story. They are small and meaningless in the grand scheme of the smartphone market. Belsimpel doesn’t sell b2b at all, 99.99% is b2consumer there. Expansys sells the least phones of all the stores, even less than informatique. Expect informatique to sell like half a phone per week. All cute these ‘findings’ but they mean nothing unfortunately.

    • Hi interesting to see this in dept information. I took the larger shops which do the most marketing. At Belsimpel the 520 is high on budget phones too. But the point here is that if the Lumia range sells well at these stores, I don’t see any reason not to think they sell well everywhere 🙂

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