As The Netherlands is my home country I was always a little disappointed with the market share of and attention for Windows Phone. For me as a business user I never regretted switching to this beautiful platform from my iPhone. And actually it seems like Windows Phone is catching up here too. A couple of interesting things one can see.

Lumia930 1 en 2 in NL

At coolblue (a large Dutch webshop) the Lumia 930 black is #1, 930 orange (our football color, sold out) #2 (sold out), 930 green #5 (sold out), 930 white #6 (sold out) and the Lumia 630 on #8.

And with a contract the 930 is #1 and the 635 on #8.

At, another large Dutch webshop, the 530 is #3, the 930 #8 and #630 #12

At Informatique the 930 is #4

At the business top 10 the 1520 is #4 and the 925 #6

At the 90 is #2

With the magnificant 930 and 4G price boosters like the 630 and 635 it seems like Nokia/Microsoft made the right choice!