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Cat in nearly out of bag now!! As expected AT&T bound EOS version RM-877 has silently landed at FCC before the reveal in the Zoom reinvented” event on 11th of July.


It obviously supports AT&T’s LTE 700 (Band 17) and comes with a camera grip or cover. And what puts all the rumors to rest and confirms what be opined today is the size specs of the device. Yup, it is similar to Lumia 920 in size. So, as the below diagram indicates, it’s size is 130.35 x 71.4 mm as compared to 130.3 x 70.8 of Lumia 920. So, it is clear now that we will see the device leaked in polycarbonate body with Lumia 920 like frontal design as the EOS getting revealed on 11th of July.


BMlvE2-CcAACV62.jpg large

It will also have SVLTE capability as the filing reads,

Dual Transfer Mode is a feature that utilises the multi-slot GPRS capability in this device; it allows simultaneous transmission of voice and data during the same call, using the same transmitter and antenna.

Apart from AT&T’s LTE band of 700 it supports three more LTE bands which may make it a world phone.

It supports four LTE bands, namely LTE700(Band 17)LTE850(Band 5), LTE1700/2100 (Band 4) and  LTE1900(Band 2).

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