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Lumia 1020 (EOS) may have simultaneous high quality image & video recording, Raw capture, Time-series and HDR support. Claims Tipster!!

[embedit snippet="adversal-3"] First things first!!  This is not from our sources, rather an anonymous tip, so take it as you please. Now, according to the tipster's claim the "Nokia Pro Cam" app built for Lumia 1020 will have many great imaging modes not even seen on 808 PureView. It is supposed

Compal to ship 3 million units of a new Nokia model in 2013. Entry-level and mid-range Lumias to be introduced after Lumia 1020!!

[embedit snippet="madsb"] According to a Digitimes article, Compal Communications has confirmed receiving orders from Nokia for a Lumia WP8 smartphone for the first time ever and will start shipping it in Q3. In fact, Nokia didn't place order for a smartphone with Compal post Lumia 510 in Q4 2012, so may be Nokia foresee that they won't able to cope

Top stories from Weekend: Nokia Glass. Nokia teases a September date. Nokia EOS story. Asha 501 released. Lumia 925 doing well in UK.

[embedit snippet="adversal5"] So we are bringing to you a summary of what we covered over the weekend and what you may have missed, in case you don't like to visit sites on weekend. Nokia Glass: A patent shows Nokia has already worked and has the tech to go for wearable display aka Nokia

POV: 11th July may see only release of EOS with Lumia 920 design and size. The phablet with 41 MP may be in prototyping stage.

[embedit snippet="madsb"] Numerous leaks in last few days have brought one more contender to the Nokia EOS title along with the earlier leaked prototype by Vizileaks, shown below. The new contender which has full metal body was supposed to be in mass production based on the following image. But now, on comparing sizes