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First things first!!  This is not from our sources, rather an anonymous tip, so take it as you please. Now, according to the tipster’s claim the “Nokia Pro Cam” app built for Lumia 1020 will have many great imaging modes not even seen on 808 PureView. It is supposed to have some “pre-scaler” logic (May be a separate imaging chip similar to 808 with brand new SW) which will enable it to,

  • Simultaneous high quality image & video recording. So, one will be able to capture 1080p video and 12 MP images together, first for any smartphone.
  • Continuous viewfinder and/or video during still capture / very high-resolution video capture.
  • Near zero shutter lag image capture.
  • Ability to capture a time series of images before and after the time, shutter is pressed by user that too in high-resolution.
  • RAW capture. This may be liked by imaging enthusiasts.
  • HDR (exposure bracketing)
  • Super resolution (34/38 MP)

The features like simultaneous high quality image and video, super resolution, raw capture, etc mentioned above were certainly awaited by imaging enthusiasts and look tailor-made for a 41 MP super resolution camera on 808 PureView or Lumia 1020. If it comes true then it is certainly amazing stuff, but even if it is just a plain rumor, then may be Nokia is planning to bring it with some SW upgrade further.

Anyways, we will do our research on this and keep you updated!!

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