EOS_WhiteWhile discussing about why Nokia EOS will be the polycarbonate one, which has been leaked already in Red, Black and Yellow I just mentioned that White model will be also there. From our last article,

Hence what looks like the most probable case is that Nokia EOS with Lumia 920 frontal design, polycarbonate body and similar display size and resolution is coming on 11th July in many colors. We have already seen Black, Red and Yellow. So, White will be there as well.

And, Voila, it is really here! The last remaining of four staple polycarbonate colors shows up in China. So, now may be AT&T’s signature color Cyan is left to show up. Yup, RM-877, the EOS’s AT&T version will certainly come in Cyan if past trends are any indication.

Thanks Xio-Feng for the Tip. Cheers!!

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