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Lumia 650 in White shows up in China

Black model of Lumia 650 has been leaked earlier in images and we shared some information that we could extracted about the device too. Check our article for more about Lumia 650 probable specifications...

Render of Lumia 850 (Honjo) in White leaks now

We reported leaked video and images of what appeared to be CAD sketches of claimed Lumia 850 (Honjo) with size-specs of 155.90 x 77.23 x 6.92 / 8.50 mm. The specs fall into the...

Speculation: Is that a new Lumia with White Bezels??

 Lumia US official account has shared the below image of a Lumia device with "White Bezels". The device resembles to Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 in design but the difference lies in the colored...