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Speculation: Is that a new Lumia with White Bezels??


Lumia 850

Lumia US official account has shared the below image of a Lumia device with “White Bezels”. The device resembles to Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 in design but the difference lies in the colored bezels as Lumia 830 and Lumia 930 both have Black bezels even for White Models. One of our readers Mico have shared this image and has even compared the device to Lumia 830 and Lumia 930.

What we think??:

It may be a prototype of some new Lumia under testing or may be something less significant with a simpler explanation. But it looks very interesting due to its White Bezel and metallic design. Can it be the Lumia 850, the Lumia 830 succesor, that our sources have confirmed coming by end of the year.

Share your thoughts below!!



Thanks Mico Rosatase for the tip. Cheers!!

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  • Wender Rocha

    It is reflection

  • Mayank Parmar

    It is reflection.

  • I believe the bezels appear white because they reflect the sky, the simulated UI just makes it appear separate from the rest of the screen. You will notice that at the bottom of the screen, more of the surrounding environment is reflected on the 930’s glass and the simulated image abruptly cuts it. It also does not seem aligned with the phone’s perspective.

  • Just the light which ‘light up’ the bezels. The black bezels reflect the sunlight and the display not, so it looks like the phone has white bezels. At the bottom of the phone you see the same white reflection, but only in a small part of the bezel…

  • Bauke-Jan Davids

    It probably is a picture of a phone with a green screen because there is just no reflection on the screen but only on the bezels so the photo is at least somewhat edited. And the light situations aren’t the same so you can’t really compare the bezel colors with the 930/830. My guess is that it just is the 930 with the screen a bit misplaced in editing because it covers the dedicated buttons.

  • DBS

    These promo videos always simulate the images on the phones. Meaning they’re added in after shooting. If I had to bet, this was just the art department that made the bezels white when creating the virtual image to be placed on top of the phone in post-production.

    • Kamal

      Simpler explanations, I see :P. But the simulation is not done in hands-on images as per I know.