Lumia 920 vs Lumia 928 back

After posting both front and back side press photos of Black Lumia 928, @evleaks has now posted Back side photo of White Lumia 928. If you remember Lumia 928 is supposed to come in Four colors Black, Cyan, Red and White. We can certainly see people going crazy about their favourite Cyan or Red or Whites and even Black when it will get launched finally.


You can see a comparison between White Lumia 928 and Lumia 920’s back sides above as well. The difference in design is more prominent in White. Note both the Xenon and LED Flashes on Lumia 928 as compared to only LED on Lumia 920. Even, the “PureView” branding is only visible on Lumia 928 camera strip. Also, something tells me that Lumia 928 may be using some other material than polycarbonate like Lumia 920. It looks like Aluminum to me or, it is just bad photo?