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There have been numerous leaks of Nokia EOS and many details are revealed and some are confirmed bu our sources. But there are still some details, which may be less known or remains unconfirmed. So, we just thought of compiling a list of what is known and what is still unknown and can be only expected. In, the end of this article, you will be treated with a gallery of nearly all leaked images of Nokia EOS till now.


Coming to what we know from leaks and from our sources,

Lumia 920 like frontal design with a rounded camera hump on the back.

41 MP camera sensor with lossless zoom and oversampling as seen on 808 PureView

Thinner than Lumia 920 with only thicker at hump.

Polycarbonate body in at least four colors Black, Red, Yellow and White.

1280×768 resolution, AMOLED HD+ Puremotion screen.

RM-877 for AT&T and RM-875 for rest of the world

Adreno 320 GPU

(Rich recording) Stereo audio recording for the first time on a Lumia.

BMlvE2-CcAACV62.jpg large

Now, few extra tidbits from our sources, which we have yet to confirm from other sources, but yet we put lots of faith in it. So, it may come true. But still, this is what we expect.

Can be called Lumia 950.

CPU bump is tipped. May be the first Lumia with Quad-core processor, but if Nokia has its way as we have seen on 808 PureView, it may be dual-core processor with extra imaging-chip. But even this dual-core processor will be bumped over what we have on Lumia 920.

OIS is more or less confirmed, but let us see whether it really makes it to the final production unit. If that happens, DSLRs are certainly at risk!!

The 41 MP sensor will be more advanced than one used on 808 PureView. But, we lack details here. So, is it BSI or Nokia has for the first time used “Graphene” in this sensor. Details awaited.

Would be able to see variable aperture, a patented Nokia tech for the first time on EOS.

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Now, a treat for your eyes. All the leaked Nokia EOS images in one Gallery.