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Compal to ship 3 million units of a new Nokia model in 2013. Entry-level and mid-range Lumias to be introduced after Lumia 1020!!

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According to a Digitimes article, Compal Communications has confirmed receiving orders from Nokia for a Lumia WP8 smartphone for the first time ever and will start shipping it in Q3. In fact, Nokia didn’t place order for a smartphone with Compal post Lumia 510 in Q4 2012, so may be Nokia foresee that they won’t able to cope with the demanded volume themselves now. The article says that now It seems confirmed that Lumia 1020 aka Nokia EOS with 41 MP camera will see an unveiling on 11th of July. It also mentions that Nokia will introduce entry-level and mid-range Lumias  after Lumia 1020 unveil in July.

Also, the order that Nokia has now placed with Compal is for a single model and may exceed 3 million units shipments for this one model in rest of 2013.

Nokia may launch the new Lumia 1020 smartphone in New York, US, in July 2013. The product has a 41-megapixel camera. Nokia also plans to introduce entry-level and mid-range Lumia smartphones. Taiwan-based OEM firm Compal Communications has received orders for one model and will begin shipments in the third quarter. This is the first time that Compal Communications has cooperated with Nokia on smartphone products that adopt Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform.

In fact, since the Lumia 510, Nokia has yet to issue OEM orders to Compal Communications since the fourth quarter of 2012. This caused Compal Communications to see total shipments of only 2.6-2.7 million units in the first half of 2013. With new orders from Nokia, Compal Communications might ship more than three million units of a single model in the second half of 2013.

So, seems since Lumia 1020 is only confirmed model as of now and Nokia doesn’t want to suffer from supply issues that they faced with Lumia 920, they may have chosen Compal to supply more than 3 million units. Also, we have seen RM-941 passing through FCC and heard a lot about Lumia 625. So, may be we can see a mid-range model aka low-cost Lumia 920 getting introduced as well along with RM-941.


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  • Wonder why Nokia did not use Compal during the last 2 quarters? They had major supply issues. Maybe the factories are not working out as planned and finally mgmt made a decision to find a vendor that could produce. Hope they transfer more orders to Compal.

  • balistes

    If it was a low-cost 920, they wouldnt need 3 million units.

  • barry

    3 million for 6 months? does it mean nokia won’t manufacture the model itself? if so, it’s really low volumn. even if nokia manufacture the same volumn, it is still low volumn. i am scared about the upcoming earning release now.

    • Kamal Mishra

      How did you conclude that Nokia will not manufacture them? Also it is for one model…

      • barry

        I am just guessing. Like i said, even if nokia manufactures the same number of phones, it is still low volumn,unless it is a high-end phone, which I doubt nokia will oursource to compal. Also, they are talking about one model, not one color.

        • Geeks

          If they can sell 3 million for each of the 6 models already released + Lumia 925, that’s 21 million for Q3 & Q4… or 10.5million each quarter. I don’t see why that’s too bad.

          If you add the rumored 1020 that’s even 24million for 6months and this is assuming that no WP7 will be sold during the 6 months!!!

          • diablogun

            They will likely sell upwards of 2.5 million 520/521’s from July by themselves, which will probably make your numbers very low.

            I think they will move at least 2 million EOS per quarter, and that should retail for 700 or so.

        • Kamal Mishra

          So, Nokia manufactures 5.6 million Lumias without compal in Q1 and they can certainly build the same or more Lumias given they have been investing in manufacturing plants in various locations. Hence, whatever Nokia orders at Compal is over and above what Nokia can manufacture themselves.

  • Olof

    Looking forward to this moedel!